Busy time

Hurricane Sandy. I live and work in an exciting area of Manhattan. My place is about 3 blocks from the New York Stock Exchange. I didn’t have to evacuate, but was without electric for about 4-5 days. Lower Manhattan went dark. Very surreal. My girl, Molly, and I went out after the storm and witnessed many strange sights.



When our power came back on, we couldn’t just sit in and listen about the people in Jersey, The Rockaways, Red Hook, and Stanton Island, that still had no electric, food, or shelter. We went to the Rockaways to hand out free food to anyone that needed it. Molly’s friend owns 666 Burger Truck. We tagged along and helped get the word out by going door to door and letting people know we had fresh, good hot food for the taking. I even cooked fries and wings!






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